Letra Give Love a Try

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Si todavía no has escuchado la canción: www.sendspace.com/file/m1lvaz
You like driving on a sunday, you. Your like taking off on monday, youuu, Your like a dream, a dream come true. I was just a face you never noticed. Now I'm just trying to be honest with myself, with you, with the world. You might think i would figth over you so tell me what I can do to you that is not so hard to do Give Love a Try one more time...
Do you know there I'm on your side to Give love a try one more time...

Para ver el video desde youtube,pincha AQUI

2 comentarios:

Gina dijo...

me encanta la cancion
ya lo sabes.
es... wleilwgr *_*

SUE dijo...

OMG I love the song!Thank you so much for the download link!

this is my first time on the blog but I love it :] I knew about it cause a friend send me the link